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Erasmus Mundus Association Bangladesh Activity Report 2021

Erasmus Mundus Association-Bangladesh (EMA-BD) initiated a plan to execute a Symposium Series 2021 in March 2021. The key objective of this Symposium Series was to organize webinars in Bangladesh in collaboration with Erasmus Mundus Alumni, different universities, industrial professionals, and representatives of international organizations such as IEEE counselors from various universities.

The main focus of the symposium was to promote Erasmus+ programs, describe the Erasmus+ objectives, explain the unique nature of the multidisciplinary program designs, share the experience of Erasmus life, in appreciation of the Erasmus+ vision. Moreover, the primary impact the series had was spreading awareness of Erasmus+ programs throughout Bangladesh. The target audience of this symposium series were university students, alumni, educators, and industry professionals.

EMA-BD collaborated with more than 20 different institutions, majorly universities and organizations, around Bangladesh. Furthermore, emphasis was laid on explaining application procedures, application document specification, successful visa application, and career prospects after securing an Erasmus degree. The EMA- BD team conducted the symposium in six divisions among the eight divisions of Bangladesh. Additionally, more than 20 speakers attended the various webinars in this symposium series.

The speakers at the event included EMA Vice President, Ashiqur Rahman, EMA's OCB Unit Director, Rajon Bhuiyan, and Bangladesh Country Representative, Sayed Muhammad Baker, alongside Erasmus alumni, current students, and faculty members of different Bangladeshi universities. Among the latter were, Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Professors, Department heads, and Assistant professors who shared their valuable experiences with the participants and appreciated the initiative.

About 2,480 prospective students registered for these twenty webinars of which, 1827 higher study aspirants successfully attended the sessions from various universities and organizations of Bangladesh. EMA-BD members noted the event to be a success and were grateful to all the participants for their valuable contributions. The symposium further laid the groundwork in planning the targets and activities for the year 2022.

Report Prepared by: S M Masum Ahmed, Shahin Sultana Eity, Md Mahamudul Hasan Mredul Volunteers, Erasmus Mundus Association-Bangladesh (EMA-BD).

Report corrected, modified and verified by: Sayed Muhammad Baker Country Representative for Bangladesh, EMA

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