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EMA Podcast

Project Members:

Marcela Chávez Ocampo 



Project Start & End:

11/2019 - ongoing


Project Summary:

The Erasmus Mundus Association Podcast features stories from people from all over the world that got an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. They travelled to Europe to study for a Master’s Degree or a PhD. Now they have completed their studies and talk about their experience.

Find out what EMA members are doing after their programs.

  • Did they stay in their home countries? 

  • Or how did they find that cool job abroad? 

  • What piece of advice can they give others to make the most from their Erasmus Mundus experience and leverage their networks? 

In this podcast, EMA members tell more about their career paths. 


  • Did they have a strategy? 

  • What were the decisions that took them where they are? 

  • What were the tradeoffs? Are they happy? 

Listen to our latest episode below or find all previous episodes on Spotify.

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