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EMA Mentoring

Current Project Members:

Lyka Caparas (Head of Professional Development) & the Professional Development Team

Project Start & End:

April 2021 - May 2021

Project Summary:

The EMA International Mentorship Programme Series is implemented virtually and key topics (AKA 'workshop') are spread throughout the year. The series pilots with 'Consultancy & Freelancing' followed by on-demand digital practical tips for career starters, and more are still to come! Each workshop is executed for approximately a week. 

Project Feedback:

The EMA Mentorship Programme connected Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni to improve their professional aptitude and awareness in the industries they opt to succeed professionally. The programme is released every quarter with a dedicated topic.
The pilot programme was launched this April 2021 and was exclusively participated by 20 Erasmus Students and alumni exchanging experiences and inquiries about consultancy and freelancing. 

"I participated in the first edition of the mentoring program and my two mentees were such a perfect fit. I was happy to share some of my experiences and some of the tools I used before could be helpful to someone else. Multi-cultural and cross knowledge workshop!"
- Nuno Silva, EMJMD Wine Tourism Innovation

"Navigating the field of consultancy seems like a complex and daunting task. But, with the help and guidance of experienced Erasmus Mundus scholars and mentors, I was able to glean insights into the field from the comfort of my home. Now, I am ready to venture into the unknown. Muchas gracias EMA!" 
- Glorey Ann Alde, EMJMD Public Health in Disasters

Overview of a week-long Mentoring Workshop:
Mentoring overview.png
How can I participate?

Each mentoring workshop (1-week on a topic) will include the following participants. Speakers, Mentors, and Mentees must be EMA Members and signed up at the Community Portal.


• Pre-record videos about confirmed topics which mentees will watch on Day 1 and throughout mentoring programme. 

• Speakers can also be mentors but this is not required.


• Conduct 1:1 mentoring calls with 1-3 mentees during the course of a week about the selected topic.

• Assist mentees in completing their assigned activity during the week.

• Give feedback to all mentees on the completion of activity.


• Students or Alumni of an EMJMD programme who have less than 1 year experience in the topic of the week-long workshop. 

• Can commit to viewing the mentoring resources and working on an activity with the guidance of a mentor over the course of 6 days. 


Previous editions of EMA Mentoring

Project Members:

Pilot Edition: Gergana Rangelova
2nd Edition: Olena Burkovska, Gergana Rangelova, Manasseh Anand
3rd Edition: Olena Burkovska, Gergana Rangelova, Teeroumanee Nadan (Agegie), Manasseh Anand, Ajay Tanwani
4th Edition: Teeroumanee Nadan (Agegie), Manasseh Anand, Olena Burkovska

Project Start & End:

2013 - 2018

Project Summary:

EMA’s Mentoring program provides Erasmus Mundus students and alumni with the opportunity to be mentored by experienced members of the EMA community who share their expertise and knowledge to foster mentees’ insights.

The key objectives of this program were to:

  1. Help participants identify and achieve career development and personal growth goals.

  2. Create opportunities for lasting and mutually beneficial professional engagement between students and alumni.

  3. Foster mentorship in the EMA community for the effective development of individual potential.

The program is made possible through the generous support of EMA alumni, who volunteer their time as mentors. In return for their valuable time, mentors enjoy the opportunity to develop and build up their mentoring and coaching skills.
The first EMA Mentoring Program was launched in January 2013. A special mentor training was led by professional trainer and mentor Ruben Beltran Palafox, who coached mentors on handling different situations that may occur during the mentoring process.
More than 60 mentors and 80 mentees took part in this pilot edition. The following edition saw the participation of 90 mentors and 110 mentees. In 2016, we started the program with 144 mentors and 229 mentees from 100 nationalities and in 2017 135 mentors and 157 mentees participated. 

A future edition of the EMA Mentoring program will be launched soon.

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