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17th EMA General Assembly 2023

The 17th EMA General Assembly was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 12-14 May 2023, with the support of the European Union. Bringing together over 120 passionate participants from 57 countries, the event created a diverse and dynamic environment that fostered learning, collaboration, and networking opportunities, under the theme "Upskilling & Reskilling for the Future: Connecting with Purpose, Networking with Impact".

GA attendees with their national flags on the steps of Nova University. Photo credit: ALVA®️ | Agência Criativa

Representing a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge, the attendees hailed from 16 distinct cohorts (starting from 2007) and represented 45 EMJM(D) programmes. This remarkable gathering showcased the EMA community's global reach and influence. The event was also live-streamed on EMA’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

EMA's Ad interim President, Dr. Md. Ashiqur Rahman, gave the opening speech and set the stage for an engaging and inspiring three-day event. Mr Giorgio Guazzugli Marini from the European Commission joined us and offered invaluable insights into the EU’s priorities and opportunities for cooperation in the field of education.

Enabling meaningful networking opportunities is at the heart of EMA. The GA's Organizing Committee set up co-creation sessions for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue across various topics such as value proposition, the strategic roadmap for EMA’s future, internal and external partnerships, membership values, and global outreach. The “Connect & Grow” map was also developed specifically for this purpose. This innovative tool helped participants visualise and forge valuable connections, ultimately enhancing their experiences and broadening their horizons. Complementing the map, a dedicated website provided comprehensive information, real-time updates, and a personalised login panel, ensuring participants had all the resources they needed at their fingertips.

Attendees had the opportunity to partake in an enjoyable team-building activity around the centre of Lisbon, further fostering connections and camaraderie. It was the genuine connections and vibrant exchanges between participants that truly defined the essence of this event. The lasting impact of the 17th EMA General Assembly will resonate and inspire those who attended, ready to embrace the boundless opportunities.

The General Assembly elected the new EMA President and Vice President for the term 2023-2025. Dr. Md. Ashiqur Rahman, an Erasmus Mundus alumnus from Bangladesh, won the presidential election with 96.4% of the votes. Ruturaj Trivedi, an alumnus from India, secured the vice-presidential position with 63.4% of the votes. EMA congratulates the newly elected Presidential team and wishes them success in leading the association for the next two years. EMA also thanks all the other candidates who participated in the election and showed their commitment to EMA's vision and mission.

EMA is still accepting applications for its Management Board until 31 May 2023. The Management Board comprises ten members responsible for overseeing EMA's strategic direction and operational management. Interested candidates can find more information and apply here.

If you missed watching the proceedings live or want to revisit a session, you can watch them here.

Last updated 25 May 2023

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