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EMA Joins Workshop of New Erasmus Mundus Support Structure

On September 18, 2023, EMA actively participated in the Erasmus Mundus Support Structure(EMSS) Workshop for Impact Study. Ruturaj Trivedi, Vice President, and Rajon Bhuiyan, Outreach & Capacity Building Unit Director represented EMA. This significant event was held at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) office in Brussels and was attended by various associations dedicated to higher education in Europe, including the Erasmus Mundus Association for Consortia CooperaTion (EM-ACT) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

The workshop had three primary objectives:

1) Exploration of Erasmus Mundus Relevance and Impact

2) Gathering Evidence of Positive Change

3) Discussion of Success Factors

Participants explored the relevance and perceived impact of the Erasmus Mundus (EM) programme at multiple levels, including the European, national, and institutional perspectives. Stakeholder organizations and higher education networks, primarily based in Brussels, provided crucial insights. The workshop aimed to gather additional evidence on how the Erasmus Mundus programme may have facilitated positive change in higher education. Participants engaged in discussions about success factors based on successful experiences from a European perspective. These discussions are vital for formulating recommendations for the next programming period.

The workshop consisted of group discussions that delved into three main questions: Q1 - Evaluating EM's Impact: Participants shared their perspectives on the impact of the Erasmus Mundus program at various levels, including the European, national, and institutional. This discussion provided valuable insights into the program's effectiveness and reach. Q2 - Current Positioning: The group explored how the EM program is currently positioned concerning other programs and initiatives at different levels, including European, national, and institutional. The comparative relevance of EM was a key point of discussion. Q3 - Vision for the Future: Participants discussed their visions for sustaining and strengthening the Erasmus Mundus program in the future. This included considerations related to the program's design and promotion.

EMA's Active Involvement

Ruturaj Trivedi and Rajon Bhuiyan actively participated in these discussions. They offered unique insights into the EM programme, drawing from their extensive experience within EMA and their understanding of student perspectives. EMA was well-represented, emphasizing the student voice in these critical conversations. Additionally, before the workshop commenced, EMA representatives were invited for an interview with the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA). This opportunity allowed EMA to further advocate for the importance of the Erasmus Mundus programme and its profound impact on students and higher education in Europe. EMA remains dedicated to actively participating in initiatives that contribute to the improvement and development of higher education programs like Erasmus Mundus. Our engagement in events like the EMSS Workshop for Impact Study reflects our commitment to advancing the interests and needs of our diverse Erasmus Mundus community.


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