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S&A Success Stories - February 2023

9th S&A Unit - PRNet Volunteers Monthly Meeting: January 2023

In assuring that all were set for February, the Student and Alumni Relations Unit (S&A) - PRNet Volunteers Team held their Monthly Meeting on 31 January 2023, headed by Mr. Ruturaj Trivedi the unit's Director. It was a space to report on the past month's activities and plan for the upcoming month. PRNet Volunteers learned about EMA updates and prepared together for the following months of volunteering.

New EMA - Programme Representatives Volunteers Onboarding Orientation

The S&A Unit conducted an Onboarding Orientation session for our new Programme Representatives on 4 February 2023. The S&A unit strives to provide proper guidance to EMA Programme Representatives so as to ensure that PRs are informed and ready to carry out their task and responsibilities as volunteers.

If you would like to become a PR for your programme, you can learn more about it here.

EMA Programme Representatives' Monthly Huddle

EMA Programme Representatives (PRs) held their monthly huddle on February 10th 2023. This meeting included a PR training workshop called “Creating EMA Content for Social Media'', in partnership with the Communications and IT Unit and facilitated by its Director Ms Jane Nduta Wambura. The workshop provided PRs with tools and information to enhance their skills and talent editing and publishing EMA- related material on social media.


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