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Welcome to EMA's 2023-2025 Management Board

EMA's 2023-2025 Management Board took office on 1st July 2023. We welcome our President, Ashiqur Rahman, and Vice-President, Ruturaj Trivedi, recently elected during EMA's 2023 General Assembly, in Lisbon, Portugal.

EMA’s Management Board Selection Committee 2023 has worked hard to assemble the best possible Management Board to steer EMA forward in this new term. We are happy to introduce you to the team:

Md Ashiqur Rahman - EMA President

"Together, as a global Erasmus Mundus Community, we hold the key to unlocking a world of limitless opportunities, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and building bridges of knowledge that transcend borders. Let us forge paths of excellence and create a legacy that inspires generations to come."

Ruturaj Trivedi - EMA Vice President

“Ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead with the new role and give my best to the EMA community to get closer to achieving EMAs mission & vision!”

Student and Alumni Unit Director - Nikshan Paudel

"Thrilled to lead the Students and Alumni Relations Unit. Let's ignite volunteerism, empower Erasmus students and alumni, and forge lasting connections. Join me on this transformative journey!"

Finance Management Unit Director - Yixuan ZHU

"Innovation and excellence are the drivers of technological advancement, setting the path towards a better future for all."

Outreach & Capacity Building Unit Director - Rajon Bhuiyan

"Drawing on my successes from the previous tenure, I am fully committed to forging an even brighter future for EMA, where we will continue to amplify our #EMAzing initiatives, enhance global prominence, and solidify EMJM as the unparalleled pathway for ambitious master's aspirants across the globe."

Project Support - Sheenam Jain

"Volunteering in EMA is not merely an act of giving back; it is an extraordinary voyage of personal growth and collective transformation of its community. I am happy to continue this exhilarating chapter, where we shape the future of EMA, one project at a time!"

Research & Innovation Unit Director - Tarun Kumar Agrawal

"Together, let's foster a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and innovation. I am here to facilitate your research endeavours and support you to make a lasting impact on society. Looking forward to an exciting new chapter of exploration and growth!"

Policy and Quality Assurance Unit - Jordan Hammond

“I am eager to continue the efforts of the past MBs as we work to further EMA and its mission”

Partnership Development - Collins Santhanasamy

"Are you eager to learn, collaborate, and contribute to exciting and transformative collaborations? Join our unit's dynamic team! We will be developing some exciting and impactful partnerships!"

Talent Management Unit Director - Raquel Galeano

"I am excited about our path with this #EMAzing team! I look forward to what this MB can bring to our community."

Communication & IT - Vasilii Fastovskii

"I am grateful for the opportunity to take on a leadership role at EMA for the upcoming two years. I am excited to collaborate with the exceptional Management Board and contribute to the organization's success!"

Legal & Internal Affairs Unit Director - Razy Aman Eddine

"Every morning, as the sun peeks over the horizon, question not what the world can give you, but what you, in your unique brilliance, can offer to the world."

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