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EMA at the Erasmus Generation Meeting in Porto, Portugal

Rajon Bhuiyan, EMA's Director for Outreach and Capacity Building Unit, represented EMA at the Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM) 2022 in Porto, Portugal.

The EGM gathered participants to talk about issues related to the new Erasmus+ programme and the future of mobility in Europe. The areas of discussion were set under four pillars: diversity and inclusion, digital transformation, environment and climate action, and democratic participation and civic engagement. Participants included the president of the Erasmus Mundus Network (ESN), representatives from EMA’s partner organizations garagErasmus and Oceans Network, as well as members of the African Students & Alumni Forum (ASAF) and the Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA).

Rajon Bhuiyan is at the entrance of the Erasmus Generation Meeting pointing at a banner that says 'We're at the Erasmus Generation Meeting'
Rajon Bhuiyan, EMA's Director for Outreach and Capacity Building Unit, at the Erasmus Generation Meeting

According to Rajon, "It was great to represent EMA at the first-ever Erasmus Generation Meeting in the beautiful city of Porto. I had the chance to meet a few current EMMD students at the event. I also talked about EMMDs and EMA to prospective students who approached me during the mobility fair. Overall, it was a very good experience to come here".

A smiling Rajon and three other people stand in front of banners from EMA, ESAA, OCEANS and ASAF
Rajon at the EGM where he met the president of ESN, representatives from EMA's partner organizations Oceans Network and garagErasmus, and EMA's cousin organizations ASAF & WBAA

Rajon`s trip to this event was supported by the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) which is funded by the European Union.

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