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EMA talks with current President

EMA sat down recently to talk to Md Ashiqur Rahman who is the current President (Ad Interim) of the association.

Ashiqur is a graduate student of the Erasmus Mundus European Joint Master in Archaeological Materials Science (ARCHMAT). He describes his time as a student of the third cohort (2015-2017) as some of the best moments in his life. He spent the first semester in Evora (Portugal), the second in Thessaloniki (Greece), and the final two semesters in Rome (Italy). He is currently based in Zaragoza (Spain) where he works as a Research Fellow at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC: Institute for Nanoscience and Materials of Aragón) on the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) ITN H2020 ED-ARCHMAT Ph.D. project.

He says that the journey with Erasmus was full of great adventures and has made an immensely positive difference in his career and life. Find out more about Ashiqur and his goals as EMA’s President (Ad Interim) in the interview below.

EMA: What are your goals for the one year in EMA as President (Ad Interim)?

Ashiqur: The actions I undertake between now and the next presidential election in 2023 may be summed up as “member-focused”. I have several plans to contribute, but most importantly would like to open up the possibilities for active alumni involvement, mentoring alumni for the next journey after Erasmus, and apparently bringing back all the EMA members to the newly launched EMA community portal. I want to get our community growing and growing together as a global network of distinguished EMA communities. I know there are many inspiring Erasmus graduates with whom we would team up to advance initiatives in academic excellence, professional development, and multicultural exchange globally.

EMA: How do you intend to accomplish these goals?

Ashiqur: I have already a plan for the remaining year to achieve the best possible outcomes for the association. Now we are doing a mass recruitment drive to reinforce the Management Board and the volunteers' team. I am concentrating specifically on getting the MB members and volunteers under their supervision organised so that we can all work together effectively in order to achieve the priority basis short-term monthly plans; in essence to accomplish the EMA's strategic goals that we targeted for the 2021-2023 EMA presidential period.

EMA: Wow, great to know that! By the way, how do you explain briefly ‘leadership’ to the new members?

Ashiqur: Success before becoming a leader is all about self-improvement and developing yourself. When you take on a leadership role, achieving success is all about developing the people around you.

EMA: How can EMA members get in touch with you?

Ashiqur: I encourage our members and the greater worldwide EMA community to contact me with any ideas, suggestions, questions, or general feedback they may have regarding EMA at

EMA: Anything you want to tell our members?

Ashiqur: Yeap! Our members are valuable contributors to our cherished Association. Whether it's expertise, guidance, experience, friendship, vision, leadership, or inspiration, there are many things that people value. Let's keep up the fantastic work that you've been doing and make a difference! Let’s grow together!

EMA: Thank you for participating in this interview! Ashiqur: My pleasure. Thank you!

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