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Collaboration with EU Nepal’s ‘Youth Sounding Board’ to promote Erasmus

A session about the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, especially for people who are interested in doing their Master in Public Health was organised on December 12, 2022, by the EU Youth Sounding Board members and Nepal Public Health society with support from the Erasmus Mundus Association Nepal

Guest speakers for the session were Kricha Jha and Manisha Pantha, both Erasmus Mundus scholars. They are conducting their Master's in Public Health in Disaster. There were 126 people registered for the session from diverse backgrounds and most of the participants belonged to public health backgrounds in which almost 70 participants came into the session. The session was very fruitful and impactful for everyone.

In the end, all participants were satisfied with the session because our speaker both conducted the session very smoothly and handed all the questions to the participants.

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