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​​EMA at the Youth Network Event in Brussels, Belgium

Diana Marcela Lizarazo, EMA's Project Leader in the Project Support Unit, represented EMA at the Youth Network Event (YNE) on 22-23 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. This event was organised by the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament as part of the activities planned in the framework of the European Year of Youth.

The YNE gathered representatives of 70 local organisations and 30 Pan-European organisations under the topic: Taking it into our own hands, from Ideas to Impact. The event included a visit to the European parliament, a networking cocktail on the 22 of June, and a full day of social activities, discussions, and brainstorming sessions on the 23.

Participants discussed issues related to the involvement of Youth organisations in creating a meaningful impact at the European level. The areas of discussion were set under several topics proposed by the participants, which included: diversity and inclusion, democratic participation, civic engagement, use of new technologies, support from the EU, and collaboration and partnerships among youth organisations.

During the event, Diana had the opportunity to disseminate information about the Erasmus Mundus Master programmes and connect with leaders and representatives of these organizations. She hopes this event has opened the opportunity for EMA to partner with local and other pan-European organisations to develop new projects benefiting Youth in Europe and beyond.

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