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EMA attends garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting

The Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) President, Dr Md Ashiqur Rahman, attended the garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting, hosted at Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) University in Malta from September 7th to 8th. In alignment with the European Year of Skills, the event proved to be a platform for insightful discussions and meaningful collaborations.

EMA President at the garagErasmus Fundation's XI Annual Meeting in Malta

Moderated by Carlo Bitetto, Network Manager of the garagErasmus Foundation, the conference was a catalyst for a series of keynote presentations, each contributing to the dialogue on the future of education and mobility in Europe. Francesco Cappè, President of the garagErasmus Foundation, underscored the foundation's unwavering commitment to fostering greater mobility and supporting an open and integrated Europe and unveiled Fabrizio Bitetto as the board's next President. This transition of leadership signifies a continuation of the Foundation's dedication to its noble cause.

Hon. Clifton Grima, Minister for Education and Sport in Malta, led a thought-provoking discussion on competences. He emphasized the indispensable need for both practical competences and ethical values in shaping European citizens, while Mr Evarist Bartolo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Education in Malta, further emphasized the importance of addressing the skills gap. He argued that this endeavour should focus on values and ethics, contending that a narrow definition of skills fails to adequately address the European Union's profound challenges.

Participants of the garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting in Malta

A dedicated session for ESAA LG networks was held where EMA's President showcased several of EMA's successful projects and outcomes. His intervention showed EMA's instrumental role within the Erasmus+ community and received an enthusiastic reception, reaffirming the significance of international cooperation and EMA's contributions to the European educational landscape.

Representatives of ESAA and RAA networks

The event also saw the active participation of several other ESAA networks and regional network representatives, including OCEANS, WBAA, and ASAF. Together, all networks exemplified the spirit of collaboration that defines the Erasmus+ community, collectively advancing Europe's mobility, integration, and skills development.

Dr Md Ashiqur Rahman's participation in the Annual Meeting underscored EMA's indispensable role in shaping the future of education and mobility in Europe, aligning with the European Year of Skills objectives. As the year unfolds, EMA remains committed to forging innovative partnerships and initiatives that propel Europe toward a united and skilled future.

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