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EMA Awards 2024: Honouring Excellence, Celebrating Community

The Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) recognises the exceptional achievements of its members with the annual EMA Awards ceremony.

This year, the stage to recognize and reward members and volunteers was the 18th EMA General Assembly held in Istanbul, Turkiye, from May 24-25. The EMA Awards, an integral part of the assembly, celebrated the exceptional contributions to the EMA community and society by individuals and teams.

Active EMA members and volunteers were invited to submit applications to four categories:

EMA Cultural Exchange Ambassador Award: This award honours an individual who significantly promoted cultural exchange and understanding across borders.

EMA Rising Star Award: This award acknowledges members or volunteers with three to twelve months of involvement in the community and who exhibited exceptional engagement and impact.

EMA Ambassador of the Year Award: This award recognizes active Programme or Country Representatives and their innovative contributions to the Erasmus Mundus community.

EMA Lifetime Achievement Award: This award celebrates the exceptional success, outstanding contributions, and long-term dedication of members or volunteers with over five years in the EMA community. 

There were no eligible candidates for the EMA Cultural Exchange Ambassador Award and the EMA Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the number of exceptional applicants meant two individuals were honoured in the other categories. The recipients of the EMA Awards 2024 are:

EMA Rising Star Award

Shafag Valiyeva from Azerbaijan

PETaL - Play, Education, Toys and Languages

EMA Rising Star Award 

Abran Idrees from Pakistan

GeoTec - Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies

EMA Ambassador of the Year Award

Farseen Ali Puthanveettil from India

EMMIR - European Master in Migration & Intercultural Relations

EMA Ambassador of the Year Award

Yoko Kitaguchi from Japan

ADVANCES - Erasmus Mundus Master's in Advanced Development in Social Work

In addition to these awards, several other recognitions to the broader EMA Community were bestowed. The EMA Presidential Award was presented to individuals and teams who displayed exceptional dedication and significantly contributed to the EMA community in the past year. The awardees included: 

Concept Quest Winners

  1. Brelyantika Indra Jesa

  2. Anna Rudakova

International Poster Competition 2024

  1. Kamilia Hanani

  2. Peter Moussa

  3. John Vincent Tumaneng 

EMA Presidential Excellence Award

  1. Adaleta Omerbasic

  2. Andrea Garcia Guzman

  3. Hazaria Binti Mohd Noh

  4. Mindful Mundus Project

EMA Certificate of Appreciation

To the EMA GA Organizing Committee Nikshan Paudel, Jordan M. Hammond, Rajon Bhuiyan, Raquel Galeano, Collins Santhanasamy, Razan Rashid, Tarun Kumar Agrawal, Razy Aman Eddine, Yixuan Zhu, Sheenam Jain, Manasseh Anand Makhesh, Shahin S Eity, Md Ashiqur Rahman, and Ruturaj Trivedi 

The 18th EMA General Assembly underscored the dedication and accomplishments of its members, reinforcing the association's commitment to fostering international education and cultural exchange. These awards credit individual achievements and inspire the entire community to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to global understanding and collaboration. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated.

For more information about the EMA Awards 2024, please visit the EMA Awards 2024 page.

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Director, Outreach & Capacity Building, EMA
Director, Outreach & Capacity Building, EMA
a day ago

Congratulations to Yoko Kitaguchi and Farseen Ali Puthanveettil for getting the EMA Ambassador of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Shafag Valiyeva and Abran Idrees for getting the EMA Rising Star Award.

I wish you four all the best in EMA. Looking forward to more EMAzing contributions from the four of you.

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