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EMA Forges Transformative Partnerships with Erasmus Mundus Consortia

The Erasmus Mundus Association's Management Board meet in The Hague, The Netherlands, on April 26-27, 2024. During the meeting, Nikshan Paudel, Director of the Student & Alumni Relations Unit, revealed strategic partnerships with six Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) programmes. 

These partnerships mark a significant step towards enriching international education and fostering a vibrant global community. They also demonstrate a shared commitment to empower Erasmus Mundus students and alum through collaborative initiatives and innovative opportunities between EMA and its partner consortia. 

Mr Paudel sat down with EMA Editor, Ms Raquel Galeano to discuss the significance of these partnerships and the transformative impact they promise to deliver.

Raquel: Good morning, Nikshan. Thank you for joining us today. Could you elaborate on how these partnerships benefit both EMJMD programmes and EMA?

Nikshan: Good morning, Raquel. Thank you for having me. These partnerships mark a pivotal moment for both Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programmes and EMA. EMJMD programmes gain enhanced visibility and recognition within our global network, attracting top-tier students and expanding their reach. For EMA, this collaboration translates into greater visibility of our activities within Erasmus Mundus consortia, motivating more students and alum to join us as volunteers and contribute to enhance the Erasmus Mundus experience.

Raquel: That sounds truly impactful, Nikshan. How will the partnership benefit EMJMD students and alum?

Nikshan: The benefits for students and alum are boundless. By engaging with EMA, they gain access to a global platform, access leadership opportunities, network with like-minded individuals, and engage in knowledge-sharing initiatives. Through volunteering, they embark on a journey of personal and professional growth, positioning themselves as global citizens ready to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Raquel: As the Director of the Student and Alumni Relations Unit, how do you think these partnerships align with EMA's vision and also yours?

Nikshan: The partnerships are at the heart of EMA's vision and my vision as the Director of Students and Alumni Relations Unit. They represent a synergy between institutions dedicated to enhancing the Erasmus Mundus experience. EMJMDs deliver quality education, while EMA provides opportunities for students and alum to excel as global citizens. Together, we are creating pathways for holistic development and fostering a vibrant global community of scholars and professionals.

We are creating pathways for holistic development and fostering a vibrant global community of scholars and professionals

Raquel: How can EMJM coordinators initiate the partnership process with EMA?

Nikshan: EMJM coordinators interested in partnering with EMA can begin their journey by filling out the partnership form on the Partnerships section of our website. This streamlined process ensures that coordinators can easily express their interest and kickstart the partnership journey with EMA.

Raquel: What else would you like to share with our readers?

Nikshan: The partnership between EMA and EMJMDs programmes signifies a collective commitment to elevate international education and empower students and alum to reach their full potential. Through collaboration and innovation, we are shaping the future of the Erasmus Mundus and fostering a community of global leaders and change-makers. As we embark on this transformative journey together, we invite EMJMs programmes, students and alum to join us in realizing our shared vision of a more interconnected and prosperous world.

Through collaboration and innovation, we are shaping the future of Erasmus Mundus

Click here to start your partnership journey with EMA.


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