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EMA participated in ESAA Capacity Building Seminar 2022

The ESAA Capacity Building Seminar 2022 took place on August 27 and 28 in Istanbul, Turkey. After two years of webinars, the ESAA Capacity Building Seminar in-person meeting was a great opportunity for all participants to create new networks and synergies within ESAA Partner Organizations..

The Capacity Building seminar topics are suggested and voted on by the ESAA Liaison Group. This year there were 23 potential topics. The topics selected were: “How to write Proposals for European Projects, Grant writing and applications” and “Diplomatic Communication and Negotiations: presentation skills, negotiation and public speaking”, given by Paul Bersans and Holger Osterrieder respectively.

Eight EMA members participated and were amongst 34 enthusiastic volunteers of the alumni organizations under the ESAA umbrella. EMA was represented by:

1. Md. Ashiqur Rahman, EMA President (ad interim)

2. B Prashant Kumar (EMA Management Board member)

3. Manasseh Anand Makhesh (PSU volunteer)

4. Caroline Herawati Manik (Coordinator at PSU)

5. Raquel Galeano (S&A and CIT volunteer)

6. Jennifer Confidence (PR, IMSISS)

7. Jane Nduta Wambura (CR, EMA Kenya)

8. Nikshan Paudel (Coordinator at S&A)

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