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EMA President Present at OCEANS Network's AGM 2023

Dr Md. Ashiqur Rahman, the President of the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA), has played a pivotal role in representing the association at the OCEANS Network's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Vienna, Austria, at the Andaz Vienna AM Belvedere Hotel from July 1 to July 2, 2023.

As the President of EMA, Dr Rahman's participation in this significant gathering showcased the association's commitment to engaging with international partners and fostering collaboration in the different fields following EMA’s vision and mission. During the AGM, Dr Rahman actively participated in various discussions and deliberations on important topics such as international student mobility, exchange programs, and the enhancement of opportunities provided by different networks for students and alumni worldwide. His insightful contributions and valuable perspectives garnered praise from fellow participants, highlighting EMA's expertise and dedication to promoting international education, academic excellence, professional development, and multicultural exchange.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for EMA to forge strategic alliances and expand its network of partners. Dr Rahman engaged in productive discussions with representatives from OCEANS Coordinating Board, former Board members, Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) Liaison Group representatives and Service Provider on behalf of EACEA present at the meeting. These interactions paved the way for potential collaborations and joint initiatives, which will further enhance the volunteering experiences of Erasmus Mundus students/alumni and contribute to the overall growth of the different networks.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Dr Rahman stated, "Participating in the OCEANS Network's AGM 2023 has been an enriching experience. It has allowed us to strengthen our connections within the global ESAA and RAA community and explore avenues for cooperation. EMA remains committed to providing unparalleled support to the global Erasmus community promoting the values of international education and being a go-to network for our alumni across the world."

As EMA continues to thrive under Dr Rahman's dynamic leadership, the association reaffirms its dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive platform as a global authority on higher education. The participation in the OCEANS Network's Annual General Meeting marks another milestone in EMA's ongoing efforts to facilitate international collaboration and foster a global community of learners.

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