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EYE2023: Platform for Young Voices in Europe

Collins Santhanasamy, one of EMA’s Programme Representatives attended the European Youth Event (#EYE2023) in Strasbourg from 9-10 June. He participated in several activities and connected with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) who expressed interest in exploring a collaboration with EMA.

The EYE2023 was a two-day event that gathered young people from 93 countries in Strasbourg and online to discuss Europe's future. The participants shared their ideas with experts and decision-makers and contributed to the Youth Ideas Report sent to all MEPs. Some also presented their ideas at the EYE Hearing, a prestigious platform to influence policy-making. The event focused on the 2024 European elections, democracy, youth engagement, and topics like climate justice, skills, and migration.

The main outcome of EYE2023 was empowering young people as agents of change. They exchanged diverse perspectives, collaborated with each other, and engaged with experts and decision-makers. They also strengthened their convictions, refined their ideas, and built networks for future projects. The event highlighted the importance of youth engagement in shaping Europe's future, as young people have unique insights, innovative ideas, and the passion to drive positive change. EYE2023 created a platform for young voices to be heard and taken seriously.

The event also showed the commitment of the European Parliament to involve young people in the democratic process. By valuing and amplifying their ideas, the event paved the way for a more inclusive and youth-driven Europe, where the future generation is part of decision-making and policy formulation.

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