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Ritesh Manjunath Sanu, India: Plant Health in Sustainable Cropping Systems (PlantHealth)

From simple melodies to some of the most well developed classical music systems, music has always been an important part of the Indian culture; more of a mystical experience, analogous to yoga.

Like many self-taught great Indian singers and my all-time favorite John Meyer, I believe that you don’t need to go to an institute to learn music. There are so many ways you can do what you love and be self-sufficient. When I moved to Spain for my Erasmus Mundus journey, I felt lucky to be surrounded by people, more precisely musical people, from all over the world. Soon I found few more musicians and we formed a band. We performed at local cafes and universities in Spain. That’s actually how we got introduced to Erasmusic, a company who gather Erasmus students with interest in music to arrange the best musical nights in the city of Malaga. We performed in many of their events and got famous.

What your words can’t say, music can!

I believe that music mirrors your own thoughts and feelings. What your words can’t say, music can! And that is how music has helped me create my own image. I relate with people through melodies and lyrics and communicate without knowing their language. I have earned immense support and love from my followers that is why I gifted them with a website of my own, to let them sing along with me and believe "I won’t give up".

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