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PEN Project Update: Period empowerment video

This video, which aims to speak openly about menstruation, was created under the Period Empowerment Network project with 11 participating countries, co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. Through the video we intend to contribute to the demystification of menstruation, seeking to improve knowledge and awareness of the body, as well as to better the attitudes towards menstrual health and hygiene awareness.

The menstruation cycle is part of the normal growth of a healthy body, and it does not prevent one from going to school, playing, praying, cooking nor living together. Traditionally regarded as a sign of womanhood, menstruation does not define the sexual behaviours of women and people with female organs. To help menstrual hygiene awareness, there are different products that can be used during menstruation such as disposable or reusable pads; tampons; a menstrual cup; or underwear suitable for the period. Any of them can be used, what is important is to keep menstruators comfortable and healthy.

Our cultures are different, but the respect for all human beings must always be preserved and come before religion, culture, or wealth. Menstruation has always been present in the human species, but it is still a target of incomprehension, inequality, and discrimination. To understand menstruation deeply and clearly, we must go beyond dominant preconceptions. Menstruation is not only a “female” issue since we are not all binary people. The treasure of difference is part of the greatness of the human species. Intelligence, knowledge, and acceptance are characteristics from our species and must be present so that we can evolve, stop pointing differences and discriminating because of menstruation. Differences promote Tolerance, Respect and Humanity. Menstruation is natural, and must not be seen as a taboo! Check out the video here.

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