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Promoting Erasmus Mundus Master's in Target Regions: A Successful Online Event

Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA)'s Programme and Country Representatives co-hosted an online promotional event for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s in Marine Environment and Resources (MER 2030) on May 19, 2024.

Diversity and inclusiveness are hallmarks of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJMs) programmes, with each actively inviting applications from specific target countries.  EMA's Programme Representatives (PRs) play a pivotal role and work alongside Country  Representatives (CRs) to promote these opportunities. Md. Mahamudul Hasan Mredul, the Programme Representative for MER2030, spearheaded this online event aimed at the introduction of this EMJM and to provide detailed information for prospective students at the very beginning of their academic journey. 

The event attracted participants from ten different countries including Brazil, China, South Africa, and Bangladesh, reflecting the global reach and appeal of the Erasmus Mundus programmes.  Gisele de David Branda and Adaleta Omerbasic promoted the event in their target regions as EMA Country Representatives for Brazil and Bosnia and Herzegovina, respectively. They sent MER2030 prospectus to potential universities and used social media to reach and engage prospective students in their regions and globally. 

Ms Branda began providing a general overview of the Erasmus Mundus programmes, highlighting the facilities and opportunities available through these prestigious master’s  programmes. Following her introduction, Adaleta Omerbasic guided students in finding suitable master’s programs and understanding the application requirements. Mr. Mredul then introduced the specifics of the EMJM Marine Environment and Resources programme,  outlining its application requirements and sharing a message tailored to target region applicants. He concluded the session by sharing his personal experiences and the career potentials offered by Erasmus Mundus programmes. 

This successful event, born from the active collaboration between EMA's Programme and Country Representatives, sets a commendable example for future promotional efforts. It demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging local representatives to achieve promotional goals and ensuring their accessibility to a diverse group of students worldwide.

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Director, Outreach & Capacity Building, EMA
Director, Outreach & Capacity Building, EMA
Jun 12

congratulations to Gisele, Mredul & Adaleta for conducting this promotional event for prospective EMJM students.

EMA is now focusing more on target regions to promote EMJMs.

- Rajon

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