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Research and Innovation Unit December webinars

R&I collaborates with KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The Research and Innovation Unit in collaboration with the industrial transformation platform at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, organised a webinar on “Metallic Additive Manufacturing: excitements and barriers”.

Rocco Lupoi, Associate Professor (advanced and additive manufacturing) at Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin delivered a talk on additive manufacturing and Powder Bed Fusion (PBF). PBF has shown to be a highly reliable approach for prototyping metal parts but has several disadvantages: relatively slow production time, inherent safety issues involved with using loose metal powders, and difficulty in printing multi-material parts.

The seminar provided a critical introduction to the process of metallic additive manufacturing in general, including Directed Energy Deposition and solid-state processes. The lecture showcased advantages, apparent advantages, and clear disadvantages of the 3D printing way for making things. It also introduced new and emerging AM technologies currently being introduced and promising to address sustainability and cost issues. The talk was intended for a wide audience, especially for not experts in the field.

Professional Development Series

On 3 December 2022, EMA's Talent Management, Research and Innovation, and Project Support Unit hosted their first live webinar on ‘Applying for PhD positions.' The aim of this series is to help the current EMJM students, alumni, EMA volunteers, and members with career development in pursuing academic careers or becoming industry professionals." The event was a great success with around 90 students/alumni in attendance.

Sakina Fatema, Director of the Talent Management Unit talked about her experience of contacting professors in North America and her experience in general. Rajon Bhuiyan, Director of the Outreach and Capacity Building Unit shared his experience of applying for industrial PhD programs in Europe and he gave several valuable tips and suggestions.

Dr Tarun Kumar, Director of the Research and Innovation Unit talked about career development during degree studies and how to be sure that research is the right path for you. Lastly, Dr Sheenam Jain, Director of the Project Support Unit shared her experience on time management and how to be able to attain a productive PhD degree. The session concluded with a brief Q&A session.

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