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S&A Success Stories

EMA CR and PR combined Huddle: Let's start 2023!

EMA began the year 2023 with a successful combined huddle for Country Representatives (CRs) and Programme Representatives (PRs) on the 5th of January 2023. The meeting was organized by the Outreach and Capacity Building (OCB) and Student and Alumni (S&A) Units and brought together over 40 CRs and PRs.

EMA’s President (ad-interim) highlighted the organization's accomplishments in 2022 and provided an overview of the vital roles of CRs and PRs in strengthening EMA. The CR for Vietnam shared his past activities and attendees also discussed the upcoming General Assembly (GA) 2023 to be held in Lisbon.

This was the first time that the OCB and S&A Units have joined forces to host a combined meeting, and it was a great success.

Info Session: Joint Master in Aquaculture, Environment and Society (ACES-STAR)

As part of our efforts to spread awareness about EMJM programs, EMA’s PR for ACES-STAR, Peter Osaigbov co-organised an information session for prospective ACES-STAR applicants. He was joined by the Program Leader, Professor Elizabeth Cottier-Cook and the Education Administrator, Helen Bury. The event, held online on the 12th of December 2022, was the first in recent years.

As a current student, Peter delivered a presentation where he shared his experiences, so far, in the program and encouraged interested applicants to apply. He also answered questions from the participants. The event had over 30 attendees from different parts of the world and is available to watch here.

Celebrating the Holidays with the Inaugural EMILDAI Cohort

As one of the new programmes in the EMJM suite, the first cohort of the European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI) has prioritised the strengthening of their community through multicultural exchange, in keeping with EMA’s mission. In December 2022, the EMILDAI cohort celebrated their first Irish Holiday season in fine style by hosting three events.

The first event involved the inaugural EMILDAI Holiday Potluck, where students prepared and presented traditional dishes from their respective home countries. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about each other’s culture and traditions and the pride was evident in each student’s eyes. The second event involved learning about Irish traditions. They visited the Henrietta Museum which showcased how the Irish living conditions changed over the centuries. This helped to better understand the culture of their first EMILDAI mobility country. The third and final event involved New Year’s celebrations where students got to learn about each other's New Year’s traditions. Later, they enjoyed the fireworks in the city centre. This was the perfect way to ring in 2023.

The first EMILDAI Irish Christmas Season was a resounding success. Special gratitude to the EMILDAI Programme Coordinator and his team, as well as the EMILDAI Alumni Board for making the season a resounding success.

SARENA: Year End and Christmas Meeting

A Christmas/End of Year party was organized for the Erasmus Mundus Students of SARENA on the 15th of December 2022. This event marked the last meeting before the student embark on their separate journey to their next mobility countries. It was followed by games and fun activities like charades and musical chairs. The day ended with students sharing gifts and enjoying food and good dancing. Participants were also encouraged to register as members of the Erasmus Mundus Association and participate in their activities such as the Christmas Photo Competition and the Poster Competition

EMA Participation in Voices of Culture: Youth, Mental

Health and Culture Brainstorming Report Presentation on 8th December 2022

Shahin S. Eity, EMA’s PRNet Development Executive from the Students and Alumni Unit, represented EMA in Voices of Culture: Youth, Mental Health and Culture - Brainstorming report presentation on 8th December 2022. Voices Of Culture is the structured dialogue between the cultural sector in the European Union and the European Commission. It provides a platform for civil society representatives

of the cultural sector to give input to the European Commission on a range of topics.

53 participants from 22 European countries came together to discuss the urgent topic of YOUTH, MENTAL HEALTH, and CULTURE, within Voices of Culture, in Brussels on the 4th and 5th of October. He joined the group “Synergies with other policy fields (health, education, social welfare, etc.) to maximize results.” for brainstorming along with thirteen other participants from different European countries and fields - Architects, Art Therapist, Professors, Project Managers, Researchers, and Youth Leaders. They worked for the next Nine weeks to write the report. The final outcomes were presented to the European Commission (EC) on 8 December 2022. An open discussion and dialogue was performed between the participants and the EC. The importance of youth participating in Erasmus+ programs and how it’s impacting the youth, their cultural experience, and wellbeing was profoundly discussed. He said, “It was an amazing experience to share a platform with people from such diverse backgrounds, brainstorm together, and present in front of the European Commission.

The final brainstorming report is now published and could be found HERE


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