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Welcome to EMA's 2021-2023 Management Board

As of July 1st 2021, EMA's 2021-2023 Management Board is taking office. As elected during EMA's 2021 General Assembly, we welcome Gabriella Mikiewicz and Ashiqur Rahman as EMA's next President and Vice-President, respectively.

During the last weeks EMA's Election Team has worked hard to put together the best possible Management Board to steer EMA forward during the coming 24 months. We are happy to introduce you to the team:

Gabriella Mikiewicz - EMA President

"I am very honoured to help lead EMA for the next 2 years and to work with the #EMAzing Management Board!"

Md Ashiqur Rahman - EMA Vice President

“One of the biggest incentives of life is having the chance to act is the desire to give back more; let’s grow together!”

Student and Alumni Unit Director - Ruturaj Trivedi

“I am delighted to join the #EMAzing MB 2021-2023 and continue volunteering to contribute to EMA and EMJMDs.”

Outreach & Capacity Building Unit Director - Rajon Bhuiyan

“I want to implement my #EMAzing ideas to promote EMA globally and promote EMJMD as one of the most attractive masters programs in the world.”

Research & Innovation Unit Director - Aziz Mert Ipekci

“I am excited to meet new people and start new projects! “

Legal & Internal Affairs Unit Director - B Prashant Kumar

"I am excited about working again with a new international team and continue the #EMAzing work, started by the first Management Board of EMA."

Finance Management Unit Director - Pepri Saputra

“I would continue what I have started in my previous involvement in the Management Board and most importantly, to meet #EMAzing people!”

Talent Management Unit Director - Sakina Fatima

“Being a Director of Talent Management will give me a chance to interact with people with different disciplines. I am excited for this new opportunity and looking forward to working with the new management board for the next 2 years.”

Project Support - Sheenam Jain

“EMA gave me the most amazing experience and wonderful learnings for life, and now it is my time to contribute to this #EMAzing organization. This also gives me an opportunity to expand my horizons!”

Communication & IT - Tanushree Basu Roy

“Giving back to society and the EMA for all the valuable lessons I have learnt from them”

Partnership Development - Carolyn Lee Lian Yin

"Excited to contribute to this #EMAzing family, strengthening collaborations, creating meaningful breakthroughs and partnerships for the next 2 years."

Meeting on 17 July 2021 with EMA's 19-21 and 21-23 Management Boards (this photo has been edited to include people who were not present at the meeting, but are part of the previous and new MBs).

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