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Welcoming New Students: EMJM MER Pre Departure Orientation Session 2024

The Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) and the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's in Marine Environment and Resources (MER2030) programme held a Pre-Departure Orientation Session on 21st May 2024 to welcome the newly selected  Erasmus Mundus students. This event was organised and hosted by Md. Mahamudul Hasan Mredul, the EMA Programme  Representative (PR) for the MER2023 cohort. 

The session aimed to acquaint the new students with the Erasmus Mundus Association  (EMA) and provide a thorough guide for navigating the administrative procedures of their master's programme. The event commenced with opening remarks from MER2030's programme coordinator, Ionan Marigomez, who introduced Nikshan Paudel, EMA's Director of the  Students and Alumni Relations Unit (S&A). 

Mr. Paudel delivered an insightful presentation, offering an overview of EMA, its mission, vision, and current activities. His talk emphasized the benefits Erasmus students can gain by joining EMA and highlighted how EMA contributes to shaping future Erasmus programmes. Following Nikshan’s presentation, Mr Mredul shared practical tips crucial for the students'  upcoming journey. His guidance covered essential topics such as VISA guidelines,  accommodation options, basic transportation, and health insurance policies. 

"The Pre-Departure Orientation Session arranged by EMA was extremely helpful from both student and program perspectives. Last year, it reduced our workload by 80% as students connected with their program representatives and received up-to-date, hands-on experience regarding visas, accommodation, and mobility," said EMJM MER Coordinator Ionan Marigómez.

The Pre-Departure Orientation Session 2024 equipped the new students with vital  information and fostered a sense of community, ensuring they feel supported as they  embark on their Erasmus Mundus adventure.

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