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Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Winners of EMA Awards 2023

The prestigious EMA Awards 2023 winners were revealed during the 17th EMA General Assembly held in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 13, 2023. The awards aim to encourage and inspire future generations of volunteers and EMA members, ensuring the continued growth and success of the EMA community.

The winners were selected by a distinguished jury, who praised the quality of the applications received. The winners were honoured with a special trophy and certificate, symbolising their remarkable contributions and dedication. The four winners are

EMA Cultural Exchange Ambassador Award

Diana Marcela Lizarazo Pereira from Colombia

Global-MINDS - European Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility Diversity and Inclusion in Society

EMA Rising Star Award

Shahin S. Eity from Bangladesh

SMACCs - Smart Cities and Communities

EMA Ambassador of the Year Award

Luong Manh Ha from Vietnam

EMMIR - European Master in Migration & Intercultural Relations

EMA Lifetime Achievement Award

Pavan Kumar Sriram from India

MCM - Masters in Computational Mechanics

The EMA Presidential Award was also presented to individuals who displayed exceptional dedication and significantly contributed to the EMA community in the past year. The awardees are

EMA Presidential Achievement Award

For outstanding contributions in successfully completing Erasmus+ Projects

  • Katharina Heil and Cristina Martinez Tapia for GO-DIJIP

  • Sheenam Jain and Manasseh Anand Makhesh for Accept & Respect

EMA Presidential Excellence Award

For continued outstanding contributions to EMA

  • Sayed Muhammad Baker

  • Raquel Galeano Gimenez

EMA Presidential Seal of Excellence

  • Katharina Heil (for her years of committed volunteering)

  • Manasseh Anand Makhesh (GA 2023 OC Lead)

All the MB members received recognition for their outstanding contributions and successful mandate completion. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated.

For more information about the EMA Awards 2023, please visit the EMA Awards 2023 page.

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