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GO-DIJIP Project

Call for External Advisory Board member

As a partner in the GO-DIJIP project, EMA is launching a call for applications to nominate one EMA member to be a part of the project’s External Advisory Board (EAB).


The role of the EAB is to monitor and counsel the project from an external perspective. The board will include people from different areas connected to the project: digitization, international collaboration/Joint Programmes, project management, etc. 

More information can be found here and you can apply using this form by June 20th 2021. 

What're you waiting for? Apply now!

Project Leaders:

Katharina F Heil & Manasseh Anand 




Project Start & End:

04/2021 - ongoing (06/2023)

Project Summary:

The Erasmus Mundus Association is excited to be a full partner in the GO-DIJIP project "Integrating Digital Collaborative Environments into Joint Programmes". EMA will contribute with the our large network of students and alumni and support Communication and Dissemination Activities.

What is the GO-DIJIP Project?

EMA is part of the GO-DIJIP, Key Action 2 project on “Integrating Digital Collaborative Environments into Joint Programmes”. This two year project is coordinated by the University of Padua – Padova, Italy. University of Bergen, AgroParisTech and UNICollaboration, as well as EMA are the full project partners.


Representative from the European Association for International Education (EAIE), Coimbra Group, ARQUS European University Alliance and tje Association for the Promotion and the Development of Joint International Programmes in higher education (ProDeJIP) are amongst the Associate Project Partners. 

This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project focuses on the introduction of digital elements in Joint Programmes and we count on our EMA members, students and alumni to contribute! 

GO-DIJIP aims to develop a digitalized, innovative, collaborative and quality-oriented Higher Education, providing instruments to sustainably mainstream new forms of virtual teaching and learning.

Within the project, the GO-DIJIP AMPLIFIER Platform will be developed and is intended as an open access, collaborative platform designed to expose and amplify sustainable practices of digital teaching, learning and assessment as well as intercultural and networking activities within Joint Programmes.

We will share more details and insights in the coming weeks and months, and also share the project website with you! 

Contribute & become part of the GO-DIJIP Project!

For now, you can still contribute and take a few minutes to answer the project survey here.


Past Activities


Call for graphic designer! 

(now closed) 
Are you a graphic designer who would like to design the logo for a European Key Action project?

EMA is a partner in the GO-DIJIP project, titled: “Integrating digital collaborative environments into Joint programmes’’.

The selected designer will work together with EMA and the GO-DIJIP coordinator to design the GO-DIJIP logo. 🎓 Priority will be given to #ErasmusMundus students and alumni, as well as #EMA members.

#erasmus #erasmusmundus #ema #emjmd #erasmusplus #erasmuslife

Full Project Partners