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Aasma Sharma, Nepal: The European Master Degree in Plant Health in Sustainable Cropping System (Plan

Every morning, I slowly open my eyes and whisper in sheer excitement “Is it real that I am in Europe?” And with sudden realization that “yes, I am” I jump out of the bed with a broad smile at 8 a.m. For someone coming from a developing country, living in Europe has given me opportunities beyond my imagination.

I finally find myself independent, including financially, and am able to walk around in public spaces. Erasmus Mundus for me is a journey of my every FIRSTS; first international travel, first vacation, first flat, first tattoo, first iPhone, first app purchased, first baking, first sushi and many more FIRSTS yet to embrace. This adventurous journey has opened the gate of possibilities widely for the present and the future. I am experiencing the world in one programme by living in an international environment, learning different cultures, tasting international dishes, and talking foreign languages.

From wearing a Nigerian national dress to partying all night; from struggling with research software to celebrating diverse festivals, from delivering presentations in Spanish to being lost in translation with locals, I’ve experienced it all. I have rejuvenated; more like reborn. I feel braver, stronger, and more confident than ever. It is like every cell in my body is flourishing in this journey. I am reinventing myself and challenging myself, and most importantly I am getting to know myself deeper. You know what they say about self-love and care “Create a life that feels good on the inside, and it will turn into experiences that are good on the outside” I think I finally found myself.

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