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Amna Aman, Pakistan: Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resource Management (MedFor)

Within a day or two the entire Veneto region went under strict lockdown. It didn’t change much for people though, they were convinced that it is just another media hype or a rumor that has been spread.

What we didn’t know was that a country full of life will turn into a valley of grief and sorrow in no time. We had to wake up with ambulance alarms. There was a state of emergency in hospitals, every day was ending up with hearing someone close getting infected. We were all suffering from depression and anxiety, away from our families and locked in our rooms. No one was allowed to go outside unless in extreme necessity or health emergency with a self-declaration form, a mask and gloves. No eating out pastas and pizzas, no university get together, no hope to go to the library for an unknown time, no riding the bike and no brisk walk to the city center, my life was in turmoil.

At the bright sight, even in this period of distress I had found myself blessed to be surrounded by kind souls. Our Residence management was doing their best in maintaining social distancing and following SOPs. At the same time we (International students) were stuck in the residence where we became each other’s support system, sharing groceries and medicines had become a common practice. We would stand at our doors and talk to ones residing on our floor for hours, holding coffee mugs, enjoying regional music. After almost 3 months of strict lockdown, the number of cases have started declining and the lockdown has begun to ease. With the crisis hopefully coming to end in Veneto region, Today I pulled out my bike from the bike stand, wiped it with a wet cloth, ride on it with new spirit and said under my breath “let’s solve the thesis crisis“.

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