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Rashid Ahmed Rifat, Bangladesh: Smart Systems Integrated Solutions (SSIs)

The Erasmus Mundus journey for me started in 2021 with the happiest country in the world - Finland. Then, to the land of the midnight sun - Norway. Next, I went to the lively and beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary where I am continuing the third semester. I cannot ask for more, I guess.

After completing my bachelor's, I was longing for a master’s degree outside my country to gather more knowledge and research experience. The Almighty listened to my prayers, and I received the prestigious EMJM scholarship in 2021 whole new chapter of my life awaited me. In the first place, I had to struggle and get accustomed to the new weather, culture, food, and study curriculum as everything was a new experience coming from a different region of the world. I had little time to stay in Finland and after the first semester, the actual adventure began for me.

During my stay in Norway, I experienced their culture and adventurous life. I had the unique experience of skating and kayaking and also traveled to a few islands and mountains. Apart from studying and traveling, I did my summer internship with a Norwegian startup and would love to join there for my thesis. I want to explore other regions of Norway, do some hiking and camping, and enjoy being close to nature. Interesting fact, I liked the way people trust each other and live in harmony, especially in the Nordic region.

Some experiences cannot be put into words. Just recently, I was mesmerized by the beauty of a city on the Adriatic Sea – Dubrovnik in Croatia. The popular TV series Game of Thrones was filmed there, and I loved how the whole city is full of architectural heritage. I enjoyed that trip and I would resonate with the same words said by George Bernard Shaw “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.”

Some experiences cannot be put into words

In Europe, I loved the fact of how well-connected the countries are in terms of transportation. I used all modes of transportation for my travels-flights, buses, trains, and ships. Till now, I had the opportunity to visit nine countries, and I am aiming for more this semester. Life will keep on going, but the memories that I am creating are to be cherished forever.

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