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SPARK - Sustainable Partnerships through Combined Actions, Resources and Knowledge

Project Members:

Joana Xhemali, Caroline Manik and Ingrid Annilo

Project Start & End:

04/2019 - 10/2019

Project Summary:

The SPARK project ran between April and October 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of the project was to work towards establishing an EMA secretariat in the heart of the 'EU bubble' in Brussels, where thousands of international organisations have set up their European headquarters. 

The project was implemented through recruiting three project and partnership officers, who were tasked with promoting the Erasmus Mundus Association through establishing new partnerships, reaching out to potential commercial sponsors, applying for EU funded projects and attending events relevant to the mission of EMA. 


Thanks to the proximity of other student and youth organisations, it proved easy to facilitate partnerships and promote our association. For example, an ESAA-funded networking evening for incoming Erasmus Mundus students took place in November 2019. 


The final outcome of the project were three webinars on topics close to the heart of EMA members. Moreover, the project team received funding for three ESAA project proposals they submitted, and also applied for two EU funded projects, one under the Erasmus+ and another under the Europe for Citizens programme. 


The continuing impact of this project has been the close network of universities, youth organisations and government institutions all around the world, with eMA. Moreover, the Erasmus Mundus Association gained further recognition and strengthened ties with the other ESAA Member Organizations: ESN, garagErasmus and OCEANS.

Read about some of the activities EMA's SPARK team participated in on our News page: 

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