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Are you ready for EMA’s Cookbook: Flavours of Erasmus Mundus?

The EMA Cookbook is finally here!

EMA Cookbook 2020 is finally ready for you to enjoy! After months of collecting recipes and stories, illustrating, designing, and working on technical aspects of publishing, we are offering you this EMAzing product to be enjoyed all over the world!

What is the EMA Cookbook?

The EMA Cookbook project is an initiative by and for the students and alumni of the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA), who have created all the content, pictures, and illustrations. As 2020 has been a challenging year with most of Erasmus Mundus students and alumni staying at home, cooking their own meal became part of daily life. This is how the EMA Cookbook project started: to gather recipes from all around the world and share the international flavours just like in one of those international dinners with your Erasmus Mundus friends which we all miss so much this year.

What can I find in the EMA Cookbook?

From breakfast, soups, sides and appetizers, to main dishes and desserts, you can find various ideas shared by Erasmus Mundus students and alumni guaranteed to make your day:

  • 40+ flavourful recipes

  • 25 countries represented

  • 15 vegetarian options

  • 50 stories behind recipes and life experiences

  • 100+ original pictures and beautiful illustrations

Why should I buy the EMA Cookbook?

Besides the wonderful content that we offer, other reasons to buy the EMA Cookbook:

  • You are bringing all the delicious EMA recipes to your own home!

  • You are supporting EMA and its projects.

  • You have a great keepsake from the Erasmus Mundus world.

  • You have a wonderful gift idea for your friends and family.

  • You are being environmentally responsible, as the EMA Cookbook is printed on FSC certified paper.

For more information about the EMA Cookbook and how to purchase, click here!


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