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EMA present at 'Study in Europe' Education Fair

The Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) was invited to the "Study in Europe" Education Fair hosted by the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan, from 18-19 November 2023. Almaz Mirzayeva, EMA's Programme Representative Network Coordinator was invited to share her experiences studying in Europe as an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship holder.

The two-day event hosted more than 20 university representatives from different European countries and representatives of the Embassies of the European Member States in Azerbaijan. Thousands of people attended the fair and received information about higher education, study programs and opportunities for Erasmus scholarships in the European Union. Ms Mirzayeva had the opportunity to meet and converse with the Ambassador of the European Union to Azerbaijan, Mr Peter Michalko.

She was inspired by the many people she met, who approached and asked her questions about studying in Europe. Ms Mirzayeva was happy to share her personal experiences from Austria, Finland, The Netherlands, and Germany as a part of her Erasmus Mundus journey.

Ms Mirzayeva was grateful for the opportunity to represent EMA and to interact with eager visitors who wanted to learn about European higher education.


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