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EMA Welcomes EMJM Cohort of 2023

The Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) extended a warm and spirited welcome to the 2023cohort of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMMJs) on the 24th of August. EMA's Global Welcome Event marked the commencement of an exciting academic journey for these remarkable EMJM scholars hailing from diverse corners of the globe. This is the first time EMA has conducted a live global orientation program on its YouTube channel.

A Global Welcome, Virtually United

Our dynamic event was masterfully hosted by Outreach & Capacity Building Unit`s Rajon Bhuiyan and Ana Janjusevic. It served as an invaluable platform for our newcomers to tap into the wisdom and insights of EMA's President, Vice President, and proactive EMA volunteers Virza Maradhika, Country Representative (CR) for Indonesia, Karla Carrillo, CR for Mexico, and Reagan Chidhakwa, CR for Zimbabwe, representing various corners of the world. It was an opportunity for the incoming students to get knowledge from seasoned EMA volunteers and receive invaluable tips to navigate their EMJM journey.

Inspirational Voices from the European Commission

One of the highlights of this event was the privilege of hearing from distinguished guest speakers from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission. Our esteemed speakers included:

  • Adrian Veale, Policy Officer - Asia, DG EAC

  • Bruno Castro Benito, Programme Manager - Erasmus Mundus, DG EAC

  • Helene Banegas, Project Adviser – Erasmus+ International Alumni, EACEA

A Bright Journey Ahead

EMA extends its heartiest congratulations to the EMJM Cohort of 2023 and extends warm wishes for a profoundly enriching experience throughout their Erasmus Mundus adventure. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their remarkable contributions to the EMA community and the broader world.

This event symbolises EMA's mission to foster global connections, celebrate diversity, and empower the next generation of leaders.

You can re-live the event and watch the recording that can be found here. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives and events as we continue to strengthen our EMA community.

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