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Enhancing Community Skills: S&A Unit Initiatives

Continuous professional and community development is a cornerstone of EMA’s learning culture.

The Student and Alumni Relations Unit (S&A) ended 2023 with a few initiatives to empower and support current and potential Erasmus Mundus scholars, as well as S&A Unit volunteers through insightful sessions and practical workshops. In these engagements, the focus was on uncovering essential skills and harnessing the power of social media for effective communication and outreach.

“Uncovering Skills” session

In a dynamic online session led by Muhammad Waqas Saleem, Programme Representative (PR) of the ME3+ programme, participants delved into the theme of "Uncovering Skills."

The session provided invaluable insights into the skills crucial for securing Erasmus Mundus scholarships, offering practical tips and guidance to enhance students' chances of success. By directly addressing the needs of students, the session aimed to facilitate their academic journey with clarity and confidence.

Social Media Training for PRs

Another noteworthy initiative was the Social Media Training for PRs, spearheaded by Anusha Bhat and Josselyn Yaguana, PRs of BIOCEB and LIVE+ respectively. Drawing from a seminar by Advertical and organised by the Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) Capacity Building Seminar 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, this training focused on crafting brilliance in social media. Participants learned how to create engaging viral video scripts and master the art of editing vertical videos, leveraging apps and tools to amplify their reach across social media platforms.

The interactive session aimed to not only transfer the obtained knowledge at the Capacity Building Seminar but also, to promote an awareness of applications and tools amongst EMA PRs to potentiate their reach in social media platforms. The one-hour training included -and added Q&A session-, was positively received and reflected the value in equipping PRs with essential skills for impactful communication.

As the S&A Unit continues to prioritise professional and community development, these initiatives underscore EMA’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a supportive environment for Erasmus Mundus current and potential scholars and alum alike. By investing in skills enhancement and embracing digital platforms, the Erasmus Mundus community is poised to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


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