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S&A Success Stories - August 2023

GeoTech 2023-2025: Pre-Departure Session

Abran Idrees, PR for Geotech, organised a Pre-Departure Session on 27th July 2023 for the 2023-2025 Geotechcohort. Coordinators and administrative staff of the Geotech consortium also participated in the session. The principal objective of the session was to discuss common queries for students travelling to Europe for the first time.

The GeoTech consortium provided the necessary information to arrange new students' travel plans, basic do's and don'ts of destination countries, and initial procedures to follow after reaching the first host university city, like opening bank accounts, registration to city council, etc. GeoTech ambassadors shared their experiences regarding what to do before travelling and once students arrive at their respective host universities. There were discussions on future prospects and job opportunities. Hopefully, the session helped the incoming GeoTech students with their travel plans and initial processes in their host university cities.

15th Monthly S&A Unit - PRNet Volunteers Monthly Meeting: July 2023

On 31 July 2023, the Students and Alumni Unit's PRNet volunteers held their monthly progress meeting. Led by the PRNet Coordinator, team members shared the work carried out during the month and took time to get to know new volunteers. The PRNet, like other EMA sub-units, is working hard on setting new goals under the 2023-2025 Management Board and making sure that they bring unity to the community!

EMA Programme Representatives' Monthly Meeting

EMA Program Representatives from all over the world met on 15 August 2023 for their monthly meeting. It was a fruitful session where PRs discussed semester reports, PR updates and progress, upcoming EMA day activities and much more.

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