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S&A Success Stories - March 2023

10th S&A Unit - PRNet Volunteers Monthly Meeting: February 2023

To prepare and plan for upcoming activities in March, the Student and Alumni Unit - PRNet Volunteers Team had their monthly meeting on the 28th of February. The team shared reports and outlined the road the Unit would take the following month. The occasion also served as a team-building opportunity for those in attendance.

EMA Programme Representatives' Monthly Huddle

Program Representatives (PRs) are one of the four Pillars at the core of EMA. The Student and Alumni Unit strives to ensure a collaborative environment where PRs exchange success stories and best practices to sustain and improve their work as EMA representatives. Last March 12th, Jordan Hammond, Program Representative of EuroPubHealth (EPH+), presented her work and that of EPH+'s Alumni Association. The session was successful and PRs left inspired.


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