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S&A Success Stories - May 2023

Celebrating and Empowering PRNet Volunteers: A Monthly Huddle Report

The Student and Alumni Unit's PRNet Volunteers gathered for their monthly huddle on 28 April 2023 to celebrate their achievements, share their challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

It was an opportunity to empower the Programme Representatives and help them grow as volunteers. The PRNet Volunteers also discussed preparations for the 17th EMA General Assembly. The huddle was a productive and informative session that strengthened the collaboration and communication among the volunteers.

Programme Representatives and PRNet Volunteers attend the 17th EMA General Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal

The theme of the 17th General Assembly of EMA was "Connecting with Purpose, Networking with Impact". It was an event where EMAzing minds came together to pursue a common vision: foster excellence, diversity, sustainability, education, development, and equity.

Student and Alumni Unit's PRNet Volunteers and Programme Representatives (PR) attended the General Assembly, where they exchanged their experiences as volunteers and learned more about EMA and the Unit. More than 30 active PRs participated in the GA sessions, expressing their views and interests in volunteering further in the organisation. Other GA attendees also showed interest in becoming their programme's PR.

EMA Programme Representatives' Monthly Meeting

Programme Representatives reflected on their participation in EMA's 17th General Assembly and shared their experiences with other PRs. It was an enjoyable exercise and PRs were encouraged to share them with their consortia.

They also talked about current EMA projects, some led by fellow PRs, and began thinking about future projects and engagement from the S&A Unit.


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